Carnes y Pollo

El Filete de Res al Chipotle

Grilled choice Sonora filet of beef al gratin with Monterrey cheese, in a chile chipotle sauce, with beans & fresh cilantro mashed potatoes.


Las Puntas de Res Andamio

Tender grilled beef filet tips served in a tomatillo-chile serrano, onion & tomato sauce


La Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña

Grilled marinated Arrachera steak, with one chicken enchilada, beans, rice & guacamole.


La Sabana de Pollo a la Talla

Tender chicken breast rubbed in a dry chile paste, slowly grilled over charcoal, served wtih rice, beans & guacalmole.


Las Enchiladas Verdes o Rojas

Three chicken enchiladas with your choice of red or green tomatillo sauce. (You can order it with both sauces if you like)


El Chile en Nogada

Our Independence Day, traditional dish, Roastedand peeled chile Poblano, stuffed with sauteed meats, seeds and dried fruits; served with a fresh cold walnut & cherry cream sauce.


La Cochinita Pibil

Famous dish from Yucatan. Oven roasted shredded pork in achiote (paste of ground annato seeds, spices, tomatos) Served with spicy pickled red onions.


Las Carnitas de Michoacan

Succulent confit of pork, served with rice, beans, guacamole, cilantro & onions from the state of Michoacan.