Entradas del Mar

Tiradito Choyero

Fresh catch of the day, sliced in medium thick sices, tossed in lemon-soy-olive & sesame seed oil fine slices of red onion and cilantro chifonade. Finished with thin slices of serrano pepper and "Los Planes Sea Salt"


Tostadas Peninsulares

Fresh baby shrimp, bearly cooked, chopped and mixed with special cilantro- lime-jalapeño-carrot, dressing over crispy salty buñuelo.


Ceviche de Pesca Blanca

Fresh white catch, tossed in our special citrics and herbs marinade, with cucumber, onion, jicama and serrano pepper


Cocktail de Camaron Acapulco

The classic Mexican Shrimp cocktail served in the popular Acapulco style cocktail sauce


Ceviche Costeño Campechano

Acapulco style cocktail with a mix  of shrimp, octopus, fish, & fresh Baja scallops.


Pulpos al Ajillo

Tender Baby octopus sauteed in garlic-oil-butter, infused with chile guajillo and paprika with a touch of citrics.