Los Tradicionales Moles y Adobos de Mi Casa

El Manchamanteles

One of the seven ancient moles from Oaxaca, made of chile guajillo, chile ancho apple, pineapple, plantain, chicken & pork.


El Mole Poblano

Masterpiece of mexican cuisine! Savory dish of chicken covered in a rich sauce of dried chiles: ancho, mulato & pasilla; a variety of seeds, spices & a hint of chocolate (approx. 35 ingriedients) A feast for your palette!


El Mole Mastuerzo y Flor de Calabaza

A Mi Casa Original. Beef Short Rib bathed with a yellow Mole, made from locally grown nasturtium & zuchinni flowers.


Las Costillas Adobo de Tamarindo

Oven roasted pork short rib, baked in delicious smoked chile & tamarind adobo. A great sweet & sour flavor. Served with fresh cilantro mashed potatoes, beans & guacamole.