Los Pescados Y Mariscos

Pescado del Dia

Your choice of delicious recipies from coasts of Mexico

Zarandeado- Rubbed with herbs & spices, slowly grilled to perfection

Mojillo - Seasoned with chile  guajillo and garlic.

Talla - Rubbed with a mixture of dried chiles and herbs, grilled on charcoal

Tikin Xic plato clasico Maya - Classic Mayan dish marinated in axiote; wrapped & grilled in a banana leaf

Veracruzana - One of the most popular, made  with tomato, jalapeño, capers and olives


Tacos de Camaron al Pastor

Shrimp marinated in Axiote & Pineapple adobo, grilled  and served in tacos, topped with fresh onions and cilantro.


Camarones al Aguardiente

Sauteed Baja Shrimp flame broiled with a garlic-guajillo-tequila sauce, served with rice and sauteed vegetables.




Seafood lovers delight: shrimp skewers, shrimp tacos,  pastor style, your choice of the catch  of the day, sauteed octopus, ajillo style, two Queen clams, served with fresh mixed salad, rie and vegetables.


Langosta Estilo Ensenada

Baja California's famous, grilled "shell-on whole lobster", in spicy-citric-garlic butter, served with rice, beans and vegetables. (make your own Rosarito style Lobster tacos)

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